California Drunk Driving Defense, 3rd Edition (2001)
By Lawrence Taylor (retired)


"Taylor is one of the best there is on the tactics of DUI practice and the book is full of methods that can work for you."

California DUI Report

"Taylor's patented approach to crossing the cop in a drunk driving case has been termed creating 'the Wedge' and can be regarded as so fundamental that newer drunk driving defense practitioners may not be aware that Taylor was its originator"

The Champion (National, Assoc. of Criminal Defense Lawyers)

California Drunk Driving Defense, 2nd edition (St. Paul, MN: West, 1995) supplemented annually. To order call: 800-344-5009

Drunk Driving Defense

"An objective, practical, highly readable and thoroughly comprehensive text.... While written plainly enough to be understood by a novice, the book contains technical information that even the most experienced drunk driving defense lawyer will find useful"

The Champion (National Assoc. of Criminal Defense Lawyers)

"A readable and concise practical guide"

The Defender

" the reader practical information by supplying checklists, motions, forms and examples of witness examinations. These materials are invaluable...Taylor has done a splendid job. The book is mandatory reading..."

North Dakota Law Review

"A thorough and well-organized treatise...a valuable resource for the prosecution as well as the defense"

Prosecutor's Brief (Calif. District Attorney's Assoc.)

"Primarily geared toward defense counsel, but is equally useful to prosecutors"

Criminal Justice Policy Review

"How to handle the DUI case from pre-trial through trial and post-trial stages"

A.B.A. Journa

"Well written, clear, concise and understandable"

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

"A splendid job"

North Dakota L.R.

Drunk Driving Defense, 5th edition (N.Y.: Aspen Law and Business, 2000) Supplemented annually. To order call: 800-638-8437