California's Drunk Driving Laws: The "California Vehicle Code"

California DUI LawsThe statutes setting forth California's various drunk driving provisions are not found in the Penal Code, but rather in the Vehicle Code. The following statutes, selected by Mr. Taylor, represent most (but not all) relevant code sections in this incredibly complex maze of laws. (Note: California DUI laws apply uniformly throughout the state -- whether the defendant is represented by San Diego DUI lawyers, Los Angeles DUI lawyers or Orange County DUI lawyers.)

Sections 23152-23229.1:
These statutes set forth a definition of the misdemeanor and felony drunk driving, along with a few related sections.

Section 23136:
The so-called "zero tolerance" law applying to drivers under 21 with 0.01% blood-alcohol.

Section 23140:
Drivers under 21 with blood-alcohol of 0.05% or greater.

Section 23520-23521:
DUI "sentencing" in juvenile court.

Section 23502:
Further provisions for those convicted of Section 23140 (drivers under 21).

Section 23536 etc:
Sentencing provisions for misdemeanor DUI.

Section 23554 etc:
Sentencing provisions for felony DUI.

Section 23572:
Additional penalties ("enhancements") in misdemenaor drunk driving cases.

Section 23575 etc:
Provisions requiring installation of "ignition interlock devices" (IIDs).

Sections 23247-23249:
Further describes requirements for installing court-ordered ignition interlock devices.

Sections 23592-23596:
More sentencing provisions.

Sections 23600-23602:
Laws governing probation in drunk driving cases.

Sections 23610-23614:
The "implied consent" provisions for taking blood, breath or urine samples.

Sections 23620-23626:
The use of "prior convictions" to increase DUI punishment.

Section 23630:
Lawful use of a drug is not a defense to driving under the influence of drugs.

Section 23640:
Court-ordered "alcohol education" programs.

Sections 13100-13106:
General provisions for driver's license suspensions.

Sections 13200-13210:
Further provisions for suspensions.

Sections 13350-13392:
The main statutes applying to DMV license suspensions in DUI-related cases.

Sections 13550-13559:
Procedures for license suspensions.

Sections 13800-13803:
Procedures for DMV's departmental investigation in suspension proceedings.

Sections 13950-13954:
Further DMV suspension procedures, including giving notice to the licensee.

Sections 14100-14112:
The laws governing the DMV suspension hearing, including the licensee's demand for the hearing.