The Driver's Guide To DUI

Driving Under the Influence

In layman's language, this section provides everything you need to know about a DUI arrest and its consequences, answering such questions as: Were my legal rights violated? Are those breathalyzers accurate? What crimes will I be charged with?  How do I get my drivers license back? What penalties am I facing? How do I find a good criminal DUI lawyer? What will happen to my car insurance?

Drunk Driving Guide Sections


The Drunk Driving Laws

License Suspensions and Driving Records

License Suspension Hearing

Finding a DUI Attorney

California's Courts and DMV

Detection and Investigation

Your Rights at a DUI Sobriety Checkpoint

Estimating Your Blood-Alcohol Level

Effects of Alcohol on Driving

The Breath Machine

Are Alcohol and Drug Tests Accurate?

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance: California


Prevention and Help

Pilot's DUI's and the FAA

Driver's Guide to DUI Index