The Driver's Guide To DUI - California's Courts and DMV

The California Courts
Information about official county court websites statewide.

Los Angeles Superior Court
The official guide to L.A.'s court system, including locations and phone numbers of all courts.

Los Angeles DUI: A Legal Guide
Contains links to L.A. County courts, police and prosecuting agencies.

Orange County Superior Court
Searchable official guide to the Superior Courts of Orange County, as well as related agencies.

Orange County DUI: A Legal Guide
Links to courts, police and prosecutorial websites in Orange County.

San Diego Superior Court
Official website containing information for criminal proceedings in the courts of that jurisdiction.

San Diego DUI: A Legal Guide
Includes links to San Diego's law enforcement, prosecuting agencies and criminal courts.

Ventura Superior Court
Offers addresses/phone numbers, bail schedule, "case inquiry", email directory, "Legal Self-Help" and FAQs.

Riverside Superior Court
An extensive menu including court addresses and telephone numbers, bail schedule, case information, court holidays and a detailed guide to criminal procedures, "How to view criminal cases".

San Bernardino Superior Court
Online directory includes court locations, telephone numbers, criminal calendar of pending cases, bail schedule and court rules.

Official website of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, containing extensive information on driver's licenses, online vehicle registration, ID cards, etc.

DMV Schools (PDF Download)
County-by-county list of state-approved schools for satisfying the requirements following a DUI conviction or license suspension.

The ID Card
Information about obtaining a photo identification card from the DMV after your driver's license has been confiscated by the police.

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Finding a DUI Attorney

California's Courts and DMV

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Estimating Your Blood-Alcohol Level

The Breath Machine

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance: California


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Pilot's DUI's and the FAA

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