The Driver's Guide To DUI - The Drunk Driving Laws

Penalties for Drunk Driving
Chart summary of the main sentencing provisions for a drunk driving conviction in each of the 50 states.

California DUI Statutes
Most of California's laws which govern drunk driving cases, including felony DUIs, drugs, effect of prior convictions, drivers under 21 and others.

California's Drunk Driving Statutes
The text of the California Vehicle Code sections describing the offenses of misdemeanor drunk driving 23152(a), misdemeanor driving over .08% 23152(b) and felony drunk driving/driving over .08% 23153(a) and (b).

Study Guide for Student Drivers
Online state-specific summaries of traffic laws.

Drunk Driving Laws
A brief summary of the DUI laws of the 50 states.

California DUI Drivers License Suspension Laws
A review of the applicable laws and procedures from the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

California DUI Laws
A summary of all relevant drunk driving laws in the state.

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The Drunk Driving Laws

License Suspensions and Driving Records

License Suspension Hearing

Finding a DUI Attorney

California's Courts and DMV

Detection and Investigation

Estimating Your Blood-Alcohol Level

The Breath Machine

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance: California


Prevention and Help

Pilot's DUI's and the FAA

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