The Driver's Guide To DUI - Products

One of many brands of ignition interlock devices, required after a second DUI conviction.

Advantage Interlock
Manufacturers of the LifeSaver SC100 and FC100, handheld devices which connect to the ignition system of the vehicle.

ABT-200 Breath Analyzer
One of many relatively inexpensive but marginally reliable personal breath alcohol analyzers on the market.

Lifeloc Breath Analyzer
Another handheld personal breath alcohol testing device.

Quality 3
Sells portable/disposable breath alcohol detectors.

Alcohol Alert
Sells coin/token-operated breath alcohol testers to small businesses.

Drunk Driving Defense, 6th edition
The recognized authority on the subject for over 20 years.

California Drunk Driving Defense, 3rd edition
The California-specific version of Taylor's national textbook.

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