The Driver's Guide To DUI - License Suspensions and Driving Records

WARNING: Contact the DMV within 10 calendar days of arrest! Be aware of a 10-day deadline for calling the California DMV to request a hearing on the suspension and to get an extension of the temporary license; failure of you or your attorney to call the DMV Driver Safety Office will preclude any possibility of saving your license.

California DUI PenaltiesThe License Suspension
Excellent summary of the procedures and laws concerning the DMV's automatic suspension of the driver's license, executed by the officer as part of the DUI arrest.

California's DUI License Suspension Laws
The convoluted Vehicle Code statutes defining license suspensions for driving with .08% blood-alcohol and for refusing to submit to blood-alcohol testing.

Administrative Suspension and the DMV
Overview of the laws and procedures for the automatic license suspension.

Negligent Operator Suspension
Information on the California DMV site providing explanations of the so-called negligent operator "point-count" system for suspending licenses.

DMV Suspension Procedures
Information from the California DMV about administrative license suspension hearings.

The National Driver Registry
How to get information about your record on this national database, used by states to determine a person's driving record in other states.

Yet another company providing any person or business the driving record of any individual nationwide for a fee.

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