The Driver's Guide To DUI - Overview

California DUI: A Drunk Driving Legal Guide
A valuable and fairly accurate summary for the person arrested for a DUI in California, complete with valuable resources for additional information.

Dealing with a DUI
Summary of the laws and procedures faced by the individual recently arrested for drunk driving in California.

Los Angeles DUI
Local portal, focused on providing information to individuals arrested in Los Angeles County.

Orange County DUI
Again, good source of information but limited to Orange County drunk driving arrests.

San Diego DUI
Another local portal featuring information helpful information and resources for those facing drunk driving charges in San Diego County.

FAQ's: Taylor's "20 Most Frequently Asked Questions"
Lawrence Taylor (retired)'s answers to questions most often asked by his clients over 30 years has been copied by or linked to over 100 websites in the U.S.

An Arrest is Not a Conviction
One of the top DUI attorneys in the nation, William C. Head of Atlanta, discusses the myths and realities of fighting the new DUI charge today.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs
Information on California laws and police evidence in cases involving DUI drugs.

Boating DUI
California laws relating to operating a boat under the influence of alcohol, or "drunk boating".

Drunk Driving Guide Sections


The Drunk Driving Laws

License Suspensions and Driving Records

License Suspension Hearing

Finding a DUI Attorney

California's Courts and DMV

Detection and Investigation

Estimating Your Blood-Alcohol Level

The Breath Machine

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance: California


Prevention and Help

Pilot's DUI's and the FAA

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