The Lawyer's Guide to DUI Defense - Chemical Evidence

The Widmark Factor
Assumed values used in computing estimations of an individual's drinking pattern that are impressive to a jury but very susceptible to cross-examination.

Physiology and Blood Alcohol Analysis
Discussion of various factors affecting alcohol metabolism and blood/breath alcohol tests.

Dr. Michael Hlastala
Problems and issues with DUI blood-alcohol issues, from a noted professor of pulmonary medicine at the University of Washington.

Used in many states, often as a backup to breath or blood, urinalysis is a highly inaccurate and unreliable means of analyzing blood alcohol concentrations.

Homepage of the manufacturers of one of the more popular evidentiary breath machines used by law enforcement.

Intoxilyzer 5000
Manufacturer's homepage for another commonly used evidentiary breath machine.

Alcotest 7110/7410 Homepage for Draeger
Manufacturer of the latest and increasingly popular evidentiary and PBT devices.

Intoximeter EC/IR
Manufacturer's homepage for another new entry into the evidentiary breath testing field.

Breath Alcohol Testing Records (L.A. County Sheriff)
Online access to breath alcohol machine records, breath machine training/qualification of specific deputys and legal requirements of state law (Title 17) for administration of all breath and blood tests.

L.A. County Sheriff's Breath Machine Accuracy Records
Online access to the Department's accuracy and mainteneance logs for all breath machines, as well as usage logs and records of incomplete tests.

Website for manufacturer of blood specimen kits used by many law enforcement agencies.

Ignition Interlock Devices
Homepage for Guardian Interlock Systems, manufacturer of primitive and inaccurate "in-the-dash" breath analyzing unitsdesigned to prevent car ignition without a .00% breath sample, commonly ordered by courts as a condition of probation for repeat offenders.

CG Labs
Reanalysis of captured breath in New Hampshire and of blood nationwide.

Slope Detector
Why "slope detectors (designed to detect the presence of mouth alcohol in breath testing) don't work, from Dr. Michael Hlastala of the University of Washington.

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