The Lawyer's Guide to DUI Defense - Finding Expert Witnesses
Searchable directory of experts in various fields, including toxicology and accident reconstruction.

Expert Witness Network
Subscription database of over 2000 experts worldwide available to attorneys online.

Expert Forensic Toxicologists
Dr. Alan Barbour's resources for locating forensic toxicologists.

JurisPro Expert Witness Directory
List of experts in DUI and DUI-related traffic collisions.

Forensic Toxicology Laboratories
Dr. Barbour's resources for locating laboratories that will, among other things, analyze blood samples for alcohol, preservative and anticoagulent.

Top 20 Myths of Breath, Blood and Urine Tests (Part I)
Ten major fallacies contributing to inaccurate chemical testing in DUI cases, from the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Top 20 Myths of Breath, Blood and Urine Tests (Part II)
Ten more sources of error in drunk driving chemcial tests.

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