The Lawyer's Guide to DUI Defense - Field Evidence

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Officer's Training and Experience
Explanation of why the qualifications of an officer become extremely critical in a drunk driving case.

Sobriety Checkpoints / Roadblocks
Federal guidelines for setting up sobriety checkpoints. (Note: Failure to comply with state guidelines, in most cases fairly similar to federal, may invalidate resulting arrests.)

"Michigan v. Sitz"
Discussion of Supreme Court decision validating DUI roadblocks (note pages checkpoint03, checkpoint05, checkpoint06, checkpoint08).

False DUI Symptoms Due to Diabetes
How hypoglycemia can imitate the effects of alcohol intoxication.

Standardized Field Sobriety Tests
The battery of three "FSTs" (Walk-the-Line, One-Leg-Stand and Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus) approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. (Based on NHTSA studies, all other performance FSTs have been found to be unreliable.)

Intoximeter EC/IR Alcohol Analyzer
Homepage for the manufacturer of one of the more popular preliminary breath test ("PBT") devices used by police as a field sobriety test.

Passive Alcohol Sensor ("PAS")
Homepage for the manufacturer of the PAS, a particularly inaccurate type of PBT commonly hidden in a flashlight and used to detect alcohol in the air near a driver's face — rather than alcohol in captured breath.

The Magic Memory
A proven tactic for attacking the DUI officer's credibility and recollection.

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