The Lawyer's Guide to DUI Defense - Police/Prosecution Resources

National Traffic Law Center
Various DUI issues/resources from the American Prosecutor's Research Institute.

Justice Technology Information Network
Extensive collection of police and prosecution agencies and resources.

The Highway Safety Desk Book
Extensive material concerning drunk driving law enforcement from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service
Documents, resources and database of abstracts relevant to crime prevention, law enforcement, courts, corrections and criminal justice statistics.

Nystagmus: The Science and the Law
Information and resources about horizontal gaze nystagmus intended for prosecutors and judges.
Portal site for police officers, with resources, forums and chat groups.

Los Angeles County District Attorney
Home page for the largest prosecuting agency in the world (roughly 1100 deputy D.A.s).

Orange County District Attorney
Administrative directory, FAQs, "Anatomy of a prosecution", maps/directions, legal resources.

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