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FindLaw California
The California section of the giant FindLaw site: statutes, cases, law firms/lawyers, legal forms, expert witnesses, law schools, CLE programs and more.

Paid subscription resource/research site maintained by the California Public Defenders Association, but available to private criminal defense attorneys as well.

Federal and California legal resources — codes, cases, local rules and forms.

Judicial Branch of California
Official website maintained by the Judicial Branch of California.

Constitution of California
Full and official text of the Consitution of California, indexed by article/subject.

California Codes (29)
Complete database providing all 29 volumes of California's Codes.

Vehicle Code
Complete and indexed contents of the exhaustive California Vehicle Code, including the state's complex drunk driving-related provisions.

Penal Code
Indexed contents of the California Penal Code, including statutes relating to the DUI-related offenses of manslaughter and 2nd degree murder.

Evidence Code
California's laws governing the use of evidence in court.

California DUI Statutes
Text of the sections of California's Vehicle Code which relate to drunk driving — crimes, penalties and license suspensions.

Opinions of California Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal
Decisions of California's Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal; "unpublished" opinions are available for a short period.

U.S.C.A. 9th Circuit Court Opinions
Opinions from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, having jurisdiction over federal district courts in the West — including those in California.

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