DUI Legal Research - The Politics of Drunk Driving

The DUI Exception to the Constitution
A lecture by Mr. Taylor detailing the loss of constitutional rights in DUI cases.

Lawrence Taylor (retired)'s Personal DUI Blog
with commentary on the defects, fallacies and Constitutional damage of the "war on drunk driving".

DUI Gulag
Virtual Prohibition in the New Millenium.

Drunk Driving Laws Are Out of Control
Radley Balko of the Cato Institute expounds on the fallacies of the nation's DUI laws and policies.

DWI: Are We Going in the Right Direction?
Another view contra to MADD's concerning lower blood-alcohol levels, from the National Motorists' Association.

The Reasonable Drivers Unanimous Homepage
Links to websites advocating a saner approach to harsh drunk driving laws.

National Motorists' Assoc.'s Views
The NMA's basic tenants and specific positions on DUI laws and law enforcement.

Lowering BAC Levels
Argument that lowering blood-alcohol concentrations (BAC) to .08% or lower ignores the real danger: high-BAC drivers.

AA Abuse Presents the view that courts forcing people convicted of DUI to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings is unproductive and dilutes AA's efficacy.

Qs and As
Common questions and answers about the causes of drunk driving accidents, from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

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