DUI Legal Research - General

Extensive website with wide variety of legal subjects for the public and the profession, including federal and state court opinions.

Catalog of worldwide law and government.

Hieros Gamos
Another mega-site with federal and international law, legal/bar associations, directories, expert witnesses, etc.

The Legal Information Institute (Cornell University Law School)
Extensive collection of U.S. Supreme Court decisions, Federal Rules of Evidence, recent legal news, U.S. Constitution, etc.

Free Advice
Articles and Q&As on drunk driving from attorneys and professors nationwide.

Legal Statutes and Materials by State
Cornell University Law School's collection of state-related legal resources: constitutions, statutes, court opinions and regulations of the 50 states.

The Attorneys' Toolbox
A private attorney's extensive collection of links to varied legal resources: research sources, trial preparation, locating expert witnesses, employment resources, legal dictionaries, case citation, etc.

Katsuey's Legal Gateway
Helpful resources under the "Criminal law" section.

Legal Dictionary
Online computerized dictionary of legal terms.

Legal Dictionary
#2 Another online dictionary with "plain-English definitions of over 100 legal terms.

Impaired Driving Studies
Facts and statistics from the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.

Law Guru
Variety of links and resources, largely geared to the layman but of some use to the attorney.

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